To constantly upgrade students’ integrated language skills and mould character through various literary genres.



Making language skills not only a tool for ordinary interaction but emphasizing on different components of it; so to develop linguistic competence and confidence in both written and oral discourses, while building the power of perception, reasoning, comprehending and logical making.



Yet another enriching year draws to an end and I must acknowledge the dedication and effort of my department teachers for their support throughout the year in productive teaching and learning of the English, Hindi and I Taukei languages.

The department was actively involved in extra curricular activities taking part in Essay and Poetry Competition, World Book Day, Kula Film and Oratory. The library week celebrations at the college provided a lot of opportunities for students to display their talents in poster design, book markers and banners.
At this juncture my special thanks go towards the students of SVC for their diligence, dedication, co-operation and hard work as well as for taking part in the competitions that were organized by various institutions.

I would like to acknowledge the management, administrators and all students who have made this year a victorious and outstanding one.

From all of us here at Languages Department, we wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Dazzling 2017.

Mrs Margaret Naicker – HOD Languages