Sarada Medical Centre (SMC) is owned and managed by Ramakrishna Mission Fiji (RKM) a charitable oragnisation operating in Fiji since the 1930s. SMC was opened on 2nd July 2012 to provide quality health care to the poor and needy. It is located at Ashram Road in Nadi Town.

In order to continue to increase the level of services provided, the Mission and the MOHMS agreed on a MOU.  The signing of the MOU on 8th November 2017 signified a stronger relationship between SMC and MOHMS, to which the Nadi community have been benefactors.

The four areas of collaboration through the MOU SMC discussed with Nadi Hospital are as follows:

  1. General Outpatient Department (GOPD) Clinic at SMC
  2. Dispensing of Free Medicines from SMC
  3. Special Outpatient Department (SOPD) Clinic at SMC –( Yet to Mobilise)
  4. Health Outreach and Patient Education (HOPE) – (Yet To Mobilise)