The Fiji branch of the Ramakrishna Mission is a registered charitable organisation which has been serving people of all races,
religions and beliefs in Fiji since 1937 and is well known for its educational, relief and medical services.

Swami Vivekananda College

Swami Vivekananda College Started in 1949, the first private secondary school in Fiji. Current roll approximately 1000; pioneering e-learning in Fiji.

Vivekananda Technical Centre

Vivekananda Technical Centre is run by the Board of Management of Ramakrishna Mission, Fiji which is a branch centre of the worldwide organisation.

Medical Centre

The Ramakrishna Mission has been running the Sarada Medical Centre in Nadi since mid of 2012.The medical centre is a charitable organization.

Meditation Centre

The meditation centre, managed by Ramakrishna Mission Fiji provided regular worship, scriptural classes, meditation, spiritual counselling etc.